Starting Again: Five Things To Do and One Don’t


I stated recently that perhaps I should write a series about leaving and starting again, since my life seems to have given me so many experiences of this type. I was joking at the time: I don’t like blogs that give advice. (I say that knowing that on this one I have told you in loud and bossy tones to buy a parmesan cheese grater, make celeriac crisps without delay, never use ice cream as a potty-training tool, and chew on your Bible. I’ve probably said other stuff, too. For the record, I still stand by those injunctions. In fact, if you haven’t got the grater yet, quit reading and go immediately.)

I can’t write about leaving right now. That’s not nice when it is still years away, it’s brutal when you’re in it and the goodbyes are flying fast and thick. But, with leaving behind us, I’d like to share a few thoughts on the next part: starting something new, mainly a new place or a new culture. Though I’ve probably learned most of it the hard way, none of the stuff forthcoming is rocket science and probably none of it is original (except any embarrassing stories I may include, those are totally my own). Still, here’s my advice for free.

Series overview:
Starting Again: Five Things To Do and One Don’t
Do #1: Be a learner
Do #2: Be an appreciator
One Don’t: Don’t compare
Do #3: Turn off your defensive mechanism
Do #4: Jump in (with both feet) right away

Do #5: Befriend the natives


5 Responses to Starting Again: Five Things To Do and One Don’t

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  2. Laurie says:

    I have no idea which of your moves this was for, Betsy, but after 13 or 14 moves (I think… I keep losing track!) I will give a hearty, “Amen!” to your list above. Love your sweet heart!

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