celeriac oven crisps (just trust me, okay?)


It’s knobby with weird little tuber-things all over it and usually crusted with a healthy coating of dirt. You will feel like a total granola buying it, so dress as earthy as possible; wear your hair down straight and carry it home in a cloth bag, preferably one you made yourself from old t-shirts. We love vegetables in this house, though we are not even remotely vegetarian (I say that, then realize with a little shock that we ate meatless five out of the last seven nights). But this one was new to us.

If it’s new to you too, or if it isn’t, your assignment: Go to food store. Purchase knob celery (or celeriac (Seh-LAIR-ee-yak) for £1). Make celeriac oven crisps. You will not be sorry. These are incredibly delicious.

What you need: celeriac, olive oil, kosher salt
(If any other kosher salt devotees have to import it or beg it from generous American relatives (thanks, Mom!), you will be wondering if it’s worth using here. Yes, it is.)

What you do:
Preheat the oven to 350 F / 170 C. Cut the ends and sides off of the celeriac like it’s a pineapple.

IMG_6214Cut the celeriac into quarters and slice as thinly as you can. (Be careful, knives make owies.)
IMG_6219Put the slices in a bowl, drizzle with olive oil, and toss until lightly coated.
IMG_6221Spread on a baking sheet or two, try to spread them out as much as possible so they won’t steam each other too much. One celeriac should cover about two sheet pans.
IMG_6225Sprinkle lightly with a pinch or two of kosher salt. Bake until they are lightly browned with some white still showing, about 25-30 minutes. When you think they’re done, remove from oven but leave them on the pan for a few minutes to crisp up.


Feed them to the troops and enjoy instant popularity. They are soooo good. Some crunchy, some slightly chewy, all with an unexpected nutty depth of flavor. The browner ones are slightly bitter, the whitest ones are slightly sweet. . .

How long do they keep? I’m sorry, I have no idea. We always eat them all immediately.


I am grateful to God for creating celeriac, and to our friend Mark for showing up at our pizza-making party with a huge, dirty one. It came in their veg box and they were off to the Alps on a ski trip. (As Reasons Not to Use Your Knob Celery go, that was a great one.)

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8 Responses to celeriac oven crisps (just trust me, okay?)

  1. Susan says:

    I LOVE celeriac! I only discovered it after moving to Switzerland — I mainly use it in soups and stews. This recipe sounds yummy. Thanks!

  2. Debara says:

    Thanks for this – I shall try it this week.
    Celeriac soup is tasty too.

  3. Jenn Lindemann says:

    Have you had kale chips? Roasted kale drizzled with olive oil….. It does a disappearing act at the table, too!

    • betsy says:

      I’ve been meaning to try these for about three years, seriously! I’ve heard great things. Thanks for reminding me, I’ll have to get some kale . . .

  4. Sarah says:

    I’m on a mission to work my way through all of the different vegetables at the grocery store, no matter how weird or unfamiliar. I had Barefoot Contessa’s Celery Root and Apple Puree in mind, but this is sounding even better to me right now. And I’m (supposed to be) working on next week’s meal plan right now; thanks for helping me out with that!

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  6. Kit Gillingham says:

    I make these all the time, goes really well with a sprinkle of fajita powder!

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