Of Duty and Other Dirty Words (2015)

Advent Readings For The Very Young  (2011)

Easter Readings For The Very Young (2012)

The ABCs of God For Bible Time (2013)

Wall-Jumpers (2013)

Starting Again: Five Things To Do and One Don’t (2013)

How To Potty-Train Your Toddler (2010-2011)

Flexitarian Recipe Contest (2014)

Street Musicians of Oxford in Photographs (2010-2011)


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  1. ruth says:

    so I forgot to write down your e-mail address when you gave it to me. Can you send it to me, pretty please? I would like a renewed friendship if you don’t mind 🙂

    PS: how far are you from Amsterdam?

    • Oh I think we are Definitely considered on the same continent as Amsterdam.

      I would also like a renewed friendship. And a renewed friendship with you would be my favorite kind.

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