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some holy mondays

Some good friends and I have begun reading Tish Harrison Warren’s Liturgy of the Ordinary together. I started this book because Alex heard about it and bought it on Kindle for me for Valentine’s Day. Someone may think that’s not overly … Continue reading

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of Kevin DeYoung: Just Do Something

“If God has a wonderful plan for my life, then why doesn’t he tell me what it is?” Kevin DeYoung. Just Do Something: A Liberating Approach to Finding God’s Will (2009). This book has been waiting on my desk for … Continue reading

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of carolyn mcculley with nora shank: the measure of success

Carolyn McCulley with Nora Shank. The Measure of Success: Uncovering the Biblical Perspective on Women, Work, and the Home (2014). I am very grateful to Rachel, who recently presented me with this book. I found I had to read it … Continue reading

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of joy loewen: woman to woman

Joy Loewen. Woman to Woman: Sharing Jesus With a Musl*m Friend (2010). “We did not bang on the doors of their lives . . . we knocked gently and persistently, as Jesus knocks.” I’ve read a lot of books since … Continue reading

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of kate dicamillo: great joy

Generally I don’t review children’s books, feeling that this task is best done by my friends over at Aslan’s Library. But I can’t help myself this time . . . Kate DiCamillo is probably best known for her fictional chapter … Continue reading

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of Bake Through the Bible: an interview with Bekah Moore

A good friend of mine here in Oxford, Bekah Moore, has just co-authored her first book. I’m eager to tell you about it because it will undoubtedly be a fabulous resource for mothers of preschoolers. Bekah kindly agreed to answer … Continue reading

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of Dale Ralph Davis, Judges: Such a Great Salvation

Dale Ralph Davis. Judges: Such a Great Salvation (2000, previously published 1990). This commentary was suggested by Alex when I recently asked him, as I frequently do, to help me decide what to study next in my quiet times (the perks of … Continue reading

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little red riding hood

Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived with her father and mother in a cottage on the edge of a forest. She often wore a little red cloak on her adventures in the forest and so … Continue reading

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of Ann Benton: Aren’t They Lovely When They’re Asleep?

Ann Benton. Aren’t They Lovely When They’re Asleep? (2003). I loved this little book. This brief volume of parenting wisdom grew from a talk Ann Benton was asked to give under the title “Biblical Motherhood in a Child-Centered Society” that resonated with … Continue reading

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of Fitzpatrick and Thompson: Give Them Grace

Elyse M. Fitzpatrick & Jessica Thompson. Give Them Grace (2011). Elyse Fitzpatrick and her daughter have collaborated on a book that fits well within the recent trend of parenting tomes that emphasize grace. Reacting, I think, to an emphasis among Christian parents of … Continue reading

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