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B is for ant and other uses of time

This post is brought to you by the letter A and the number 1440, which is the number of minutes in a day. I’m trying something new right now. I’m really bad at it (shocker) and even when I have … Continue reading

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where have all the wise ones gone?

For all of the wise women in my life. And especially for Mom. With love and gratitude. When Norah was about a year old we were living in “Merica, that vast land of enormous supermarkets and jumbo shopping carts. I … Continue reading

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of school lunch and the way we PBJ

  I like to cook, people. Really like it–see my alternate life. Which is fortunate because I do a lot of it. But school lunches are my nemesis. It’s amazing how difficult it can be to find healthy lunch options … Continue reading

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of nasty eggs, emoji, and laughing at yourself

I was going to be creative for breakfast this morning. Eggs have been so boring lately. I had a little time while making supper last night so I prepared an egg bake. For sure, the ingredients I had weren’t what … Continue reading

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of uh-oh and a battle to the death

  I was trepidatious when I opened my eyes early yesterday morning to see Alex, already in a collared shirt, grabbing his backpack. On the days he teaches at seminary, he’s gone by six. Though it’s only his second week teaching … Continue reading

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no where else

“Where else have we to go? You alone have words of eternal life.”  John 6:68 Early last week my father sent a message: my second cousin, her husband, and their three little children were suddenly killed in a horrible car … Continue reading

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a broom of her own

Brooms have become tools of great importance in our lives. I remember having dinner with some friends from India last year, and they were describing the differences they noticed between daily life in India and that in the United States. … Continue reading

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pinterest is bad

Girls, have you seen the Pinterest fails? You know, the professional Pinterest photo somebody saw of a perfect crafting experience and its lovely outcome . . . and then photographic evidence of their own botched operation? The first time somebody … Continue reading

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of praying for light

“This is the message we have heard from him and proclaim to you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.” —1 John 1:5 Checking the news early this morning I learned of the strangling of … Continue reading

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