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of fireworks and my plea for action

In the nation in which I now live, the majority religion is not my own. Several days ago, on the other side of the planet, an American politician released a statement about the people of this religion. The strategically placed … Continue reading

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and be glad in it

The clouds opened over Delaware all yesterday and the world is covered with white. Then this morning the sun arose and filled the world with sparkles, the snow magnifying its usual brilliance to dazzle-point. It is the kind of day … Continue reading

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of autumn (how I love it)

It’s always been my time of year. I remember as a middle-schooler, when a teacher asked the class their favorite season, feeling astonished that every one of my peers didn’t say “autumn” (most, if I recall, favored summer). This time … Continue reading

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re-post: of memorial day and my buried inner patriot

I had planned to post pictures of the annual Memorial Day parade in the little Connecticut town where my husband comes from, as we are visiting here and attempted to attend it this morning. Alas, the parade was removed to … Continue reading

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of Longwood Gardens and putting down roots

A big part of blooming where you’re planted is reconnaissance, don’t you think? I’ve become so fond of giving people advice lately, I probably already wrote about that. We’ve been steadily trying to learn about our new location and all … Continue reading

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what is this wondrous thing falling from the sky

I’d been working on something else, but it seems today is the day for my annual snow post. (That is, it has sometimes been a snow post, and sometimes a non-snow post.) You can’t argue with nature. Flakes started falling … Continue reading

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i think i’ll start blogging again, i said

Hello friends. And welcome to the new subscribers and visitors popping over for the Advent Readings–this is an active blog. I’m returning now from an unplanned three-month hiatus while our family relocated in a long drawn-out fashion from Oxford, England … Continue reading

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of fall in Minnesota and leaves yet partly changed

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of reentry and non-expectation

I knew we were back when we went to Target. We went through this new, complicated, and lengthy process of loosening and unbuckling various straps and buckles called exiting the car. As we were herding the children against the wheel … Continue reading

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we’re baaaaack

Two big beefy guys showed up last Thursday at 9ish. They came in, looked around, and started slinging things in massive boxes. A friend came and took the girls to the park for a bit, which was a relief as … Continue reading

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