of losing Grandma

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Yesterday on the other side of the world my family gathered to remember my Grandma. Grandma went to be with Jesus on Leap Year Day. I guess you could say she made the biggest leap of all, isn’t it, entering heaven. It was just a month after her 95th birthday.

There is gratitude behind the tears. My grandmother was unbelievably wonderful and I had her for 35 years. There is peace behind the tears also. She was ready to go. She wanted to see Jesus and she was looking forward to seeing Grandpa again. (He always made her laugh. Everybody else, too.)

Looks like everyone is coming . . . except us, of course.

That’s the part of this life we live that weighs the most. While my family were gathering in the church it was nearly midnight on Java and I was painting the kitchen ceiling blue. (What do you do on Saturday nights?) I wish I could have been there to remember her together. Maybe it would help me let her go. But Jesus is enough, he always is. He’s near us in our sorrow and he takes the sting out of our grief with his glorious promise of eternal life, in which Grandma is now rejoicing at last.

We’ll see her on the other side.




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2 Responses to of losing Grandma

  1. Debara says:

    Betsy…missing a funeral is hard. But I am so glad you remind us your readers of the cost of your life….and that God is enough even for such times. This is a helpful and honest read. Thank you.

  2. Lydia says:

    Tears and joy mixed together…I’m sorry for your loss, Betsy!

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