it’s a little late to be asking, but . . .

. . . do you have plans to help your littlest ones celebrate Advent?


If not, please consider yourselves warmly invited to make use of our Advent Readings for the Very Young, written by my husband and I for our children in 2011.

We’re using them nightly again this year as our third child recently turned three and is the right age to appreciate bringing out the characters in the Best Story Ever Told day-by-day throughout the month and meditating together on everything we receive when we receive the Lord Jesus. It is, truly, everything!

Although the readings are all separate posts available here, if you are interested please do help yourself to the printable PDF on the Advent Readings main page. Then you will not need your computer when you sit down with your little people.

We pray that all who venture here have a meaningful Advent season as we celebrate our great Savior together–all over the world!

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5 Responses to it’s a little late to be asking, but . . .

  1. Ashley says:

    we started last night for the second year and it was wonderful. also passed the idea along and my brother and his family bought the playmobil scene and are doing it too. thank you so for the idea!! Happy Advent!

  2. So glad I found this. The nativity set came in yesterday! Our 4 year old was excited to open the box and help mommy put all the daily pieces in its own little re sealable bag.Starting with him and our almost 3 year old. We also have older children (19 & 14…yep we “started over”) one of which is away at school. I’m thinking I may include them via text! LOL.
    Thank you so much for this resource. Oh! While during the items I could not find a second sheep. Reuse the first one? I’m sure it’ll all make sense when I get to that day. One day at a time!

    • betsy says:

      Hi Sandra! We’re so glad your family can use the readings! The playmobil(e) set used to include a second sheep, i’ve been told it no longer does. Feel free to improvise! Have a blessed Advent season!

  3. Wow Betsy, I have been looking for something like this for a loooong time! Thank you ! Thank you! Thank you! WE will be following you this advent! I would also like to ask you about daily readings and reflections. How do you approach it. DO you know of any programs (ages 2 to 8) or do you have a suggested way? I feel there is such a need for this but really don’t know where or how to begin? There are lots of children’s bibles out there but I guess some people need more help than others. …. Like me!!! I will be greatful for any help you can give me! Have a beautiful day!


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