one Q and one A

Q: Why haven’t I been posting much?

A: I’ve neither quite quit blogging nor switched to a new site yet. It’s that preparing to launch is busy sauce. We’re trying to relax into it, to still find time for each other (Date Night: sushi and typhoid pills for two). I don’t want to look back and not remember these last crazy weeks here, or feel that Wally turned a year old and I don’t remember him as a baby. Some of the myriad tasks are even fun–like snapping the children’s visa pictures. (Grandma on the phone: “What did you do today, Harriet?” Harriet: “Oh, you know, went to church, got my visa pitch-ures, played legos, ate macaroni . . . “) The outtakes are killer–I wish I had time to load them on here but I’ll spare two minutes . . .


I think she thought she was becoming a soldier?


Hugh quickly realized the hilarity of posing with his eyes shut. This funniness continued for about ten pictures until Mommy said, “Hugh, we need to see your eyes!”

So he did this.

He’ll be here all week, folks.

Until I can get a minute to write that next post that’s always swirling around, I have a treat for you. A friend of mine has written something that I really enjoyed. When she emailed it to me recently she wrote something like “it’s for the blog I don’t have”. So I convinced her to let me steal it for the blog I {used to} have. Stay tuned . . .

I had another Q for my Q and A but in the time it took me to rattle off the above I both forgot what it was and realized I’m supposed to be working on something else.

Don’t miss “Lately Said”.

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One Response to one Q and one A

  1. Beth McGarvey says:

    LOOOOVVVEEE those pics! Hannah and I are BUSTING up!!!! I am SOOOOOO gonna miss you!!!

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