an advent invitation

IMG_1784Do you have very young children? Have you thought about how to celebrate Advent with them in ways they can understand?

Alex and I struggled with this question back in 2011 as the season approached. When we couldn’t find readings that suited, we decided to write our own. We wrote 24 Advent Readings For the Very Young to use in the days leading up to Christmas Day (when we read the story of Jesus’ birth from the book of Luke). The readings accompany a manger scene, which we introduce piece-by-piece–in hopes of using the concrete ideas, so attainable for young children, to illustrate the abstract.

We posted the Readings on this blog in case they would be useful for other parents also as we all strive to be faithful to share the gospel with our little people. Each Advent I like to reissue the invitation–if you have very young people around your tree this Christmas, you are very welcome to them. I link to them above or you’ll find a list of the readings with links (and/or a printable PDF) on the menu bar.

As some of our young people are now getting on a bit, at six and four, we think they are at an appropriate age to begin celebrating Christ’s coming in a different way. We plan to read through The Advent Jesse Tree by Dean Lambert Smith and hang wooden ornaments on a “Jesse Tree” together nightly. We’re looking forward to studying together how Jesus Christ was God’s incredible, gracious plan of redemption from the very beginning. I thought about making the ornaments, but it was one of those projects that I just wasn’t going to get to–so I found a lovely set on Etsy.

Whatever your plans, may this Advent be a time set apart for your family to delight in our great Savior.



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