which baby?

And today, just for fun, our babies. Early in the life of this blog, when Harriet was a newcomer, I wondered if my readers–who were mostly family and friends then–could tell the two girls apart (don’t go back and cheat now, cheaters never prosper).

Now that Wally has joined us, the comparisons have begun again. For the regulars: can you tell which picture is which baby? The names are Norah, Harriet, Hugh, and Walter and I’ve chosen pictures all in the same baby chair, which is our most treasured piece of baby equipment.

Number ONE  IMG_5016Number TWO

IMG_1212Number THREE

IMG_5447Number FOUR


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16 Responses to which baby?

  1. ging says:

    Okay: gosh you make beautiful babies 😉 here’s my go:
    #1 – Walter
    #2 – Harriet
    #3 – Hugh
    #4 – undoubtedly Norah

  2. Juli says:

    Yep, the last one is definitely Norah. The other three are just pictures of the same baby… 😉

  3. I have no idea but you make cute babies!!!

  4. I want to say, Harriet, Hugh, Walter, and Norah. But #1 and #3 look almost identical!

  5. Betty Jean Gower says:

    This was hard but my guess is:
    #1 – Hugh
    #2 – Harriet
    #3 – Walter
    #4 – Norah
    Either way, they are all adorable!!!
    Can’t wait to see who is right!

  6. Cara says:

    I agree with Betty.

  7. Krystiana says:

    1. Hugh
    2. Norah
    3. Walter
    4. Harriet.

  8. Norah, Hugh, Walter, Harriet…

  9. curllywillow says:

    Hugh, Norah, Walter, Harriet.

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