cinderella, cinderella


Today was a day we’ve been looking forward to for a while. It was time to celebrate the girls. Our Harriet has a birthday in two days and Norah in three weeks, so we planned a double birthday party for today. Perhaps we ended up cutting things a bit close to Baby’s imminent arrival–even closer than we planned! Until last night I was a bit nervous that I would suddenly go into labor Saturday and thus disappoint the girls, but I am glad to report that Baby is still inside and we had a lovely party.

Last year we were just moving into this house and didn’t know many people, so there were no birthday parties. Next year (and those following) remain unclear. This was our year. The girls were extremely excited at the special privilege of being allowed to share their birthday party. When they heard that one of their guests would be having her birthday this same weekend they pleaded for her to be included, too.

IMG_5187Six and four are a big deal. They had no trouble agreeing on a theme–it had to be Cinderella. They are into princesses, and this is still the only Disney movie they have ever seen. I was glad, because it’s pumpkin season!

IMG_5168We found a white pumpkin and I carved it to look like Cinderella’s coach for a centerpiece. We also started the party with decorating our own little pumpkins with colored glitter (spraying the pumpkins first with adhesive).

IMG_5173They turned out really beautiful. Speaking as a mother who has avoided glitter crafts like infectious disease for all six years of motherhood, it was Worth It. (We sent the pumpkins home with the girls, along with party bags with pencils, princess chapsticks, little blue packages of tissues (it’s cold season, people!), fruit strips, and one ring pop. Because we just don’t need all that candy, right??)

Cinderella isn’t just a pumpkin story, it’s a shoe story. I found little clear plastic shoes to fill with blueberries at the girls’ places at the table, and we played games involving shoes. I painted a poster of Cinderella’s foot and we played “Pin the Glass Slipper” with a blindfold and high heels cut from transparencies.

IMG_5203We also did a “Match the Shoes” relay outside and pinned cloths to a clothesline for another relay.

IMG_5263IMG_5267The girls had a lunch in the dining room of finger sandwiches, veggies and dip, fruit served in bowls decorated with jewels, and cupcakes.

IMG_5167A talented friend helped me frost the cupcakes on Friday afternoon and decorate them with shoes and golden glitter.
IMG_5177All of the children approved.

IMG_5248It was a special day and a lovely crowd of precious girls that gathered to celebrate. I’m so thankful for these two wonderful daughters!


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2 Responses to cinderella, cinderella

  1. Ginger O'Brien says:

    You are amazing!! It was all so beautifully done, Bets! I love the pumpkin carriage! Happy birthday to the girls!

  2. Candace Nelson says:

    How sweet! What a memorable party I’m sure for all the lovely little ladies. Beautifully done, Betsy.

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