the boy cave

IMG_4860I painted a wooden car and wooden door hanger ($2) from the craft store with acrylics–it says “Hugh and” (the “and” because I haven’t filled in his little brother’s name yet). The reverse side is below.

IMG_4846Hugh’s prized possession is little red metal double-decker bus we bought him in London in 2013. This stands on his bureau (whenever it’s not gripped in his sticky little paw or being carried around town). We used to have a black metal London taxi as well, but mislaid it somewhere in this house. After much strenuous searching for it to complete the room (who, me, anal?), I have at last given it up. I think Hugh might have flushed it, there have been several suspicious flushings. I know Hugh likes to launch things this way–once I arrived just in time to snatch the girls’ prized plastic baby bottle from the fast road to the sewer. Oh, well. Though the room has a road theme, I focused particularly on buses and taxis. I painted a basic bus for Hugh and a taxi for his little brother on blank white canvases.

IMG_4853IMG_4852Baby’s name to be added below the taxi. I hung these over their beds–Hugh’s with a big “H” painted black with white road lines. I have his brother’s initial, also painted black with white road lines, to add when he arrives.

IMG_4855I know the curtains aren’t ideal, I just only wanted to buy something that I can take with me when we move continents next year. The blinds were broken in Hugh’s room so we’ve never been able to make it dark in there, so I decided to buy the versatile gray curtains I’ve wanted for a while and just use them in here until we leave. I took down the mint-green valances that were over the windows. The rug (plus three cars) was our birthday present to Hugh when he turned one, and all I had to add was a basket of truck books for his nightstand and find him some bedding.

IMG_4858I couldn’t believe it when I saw this duvet cover at IKEA for $15. “Do you think he’ll notice it?” I asked Alex, when I put it on the bed. Folks, he’s obsessed. He went bananas when he saw it, yelling, “Bus! Bus! Tractor! Car! Bus!” and he repeats the performance all over again every morning when he wakes up. Which makes me so happy.

IMG_4840The mat on the end of the bed is our changing table (seriously changing tables are on top of a long list I’ve titled “Unnecessary Baby Paraphernalia”).

IMG_4848I painted a few other things for over the bureau and made another origami mobile for baby. Norah and Harriet both had birds, Hugh had turtles and fishes and frogs last year, Baby boy gets . . . (you guessed it) trucks and buses and cars. Super simple ones, too, as the complicated ones I attempted all flopped (and, frankly, who has time for origami?).

IMG_4851That’s the boy zone, in all its glory. I know it’s not that pulled together, design-wise. But that doesn’t seem to bother Hugh at all.

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One Response to the boy cave

  1. Deanna says:

    You’re amazing. It’s obvious you’ve put sweet thought and care into making it a really great space for your boys without going overboard into creating a magazine spread. I love it. Could you come do my kids’ room please??

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