it’s boy cave time

20140903_104507I know my decorating projects are funny. They are always homemade, often small-scale, never even remotely professional. But I have so much fun with it.

This farmhouse we’re living in has two small adjoining bedrooms with a connecting door that house our offspring. The house is already furnished. The girls’ room had bunk beds, the other a single bed, both have a bureau. Hugh’s room also had an olive green lamp and an old-fashioned nightstand. Both rooms also have plastic window blinds and fabric valances hanging over the windows.

I love these rooms. Their size is perfect, each has two big windows and a narrow closet perfectly sized for our children’s clothes. I also love that the kids are in close proximity to one another. The other night, my husband being out of town, Hugh was wailing and calling for “Daaaaaaaaa-deeeeeeeeeeee” for ages after I laid him down. Suddenly I heard Norah calling to him through the closed door between their rooms. “Hugh! Hugh, it’s me, Wah-wah!” (Hugh calls the girls “Wahwah” and “Ay-ihey” at this stage in his verbal development.) “Don’t cry, buddy,” she said. “Daddy will be back soon. You’re okay. Just go to sleep now!” He stopped screeching immediately, and soon I heard, “Wahwah? Is Wahwah?” They had a little chat, then silence fell, and both were peacefully asleep.

Now that Hugh’s little brother is approaching arrival, one of my fall projects was to prepare for him to move in with Hugh. Hugh will be graduating the crib next week for the single bed to make room for him. We’ve never done toddler beds or guard rails, really, the kids just seem to adjust to what we place them in. I hope that remains true!

One thing about our Hugh–he has a passion for anything with an engine. His main words are “bus”, “tractor”, “choo-choo”, and “beep-beep”. He can’t say “dog” or “Norah” but “helicopter” is as clear as a bell. I wanted his room to be a space that he would enjoy, so I took this for a theme. I’ll show you tomorrow.

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