drumroll please

IMG_2269Many thanks to all those who sent in vegetarian recipes for the Flexitarian Contest! It’s been a busy couple of months of reading, sifting, making, tasting, and choosing. It’s been a delicious couple of months also: you people had some very tasty veggie meals up your sleeves! We have finally selected our winner, and chosen seven other delicious entries for the series. The winning contributor will receive a copy of the new cookbook Meatless by Martha Stewart Living.

A word about the process: I did my best to follow the recipes I received as exactly as possible (with one notable exception where I forgot it was a contest entry and made a modification or two). In a few cases I had to make a substitution or a slight change. I will write the recipes in my own words and describe the way I made them, endeavoring to give due credit to the source, linking to it where possible, so you can make the original if you prefer. I photographed each recipe, some of the photos are better than others. I received recipe entries from at least three continents, so I wanted to have conversions of each recipe to try and help make them accessible to everybody. All conversions are my own, thus all mistakes in converting are my own also and in no way reflect the skills of my readers or the recipes’ original sources.

As vegetarian meals go, soups are probably one of the easiest routes to take. Thus we have limited the collection to two soups and two chilis/stews that are, in our view, exceptionally delicious. (You can find additional vegetarian soups we love, especially in the spring, here and here. To find a (growing) index of vegetarian recipes we like on this blog, check out Dig for Victory.)

I have a few observations to make based on the contest:
Apparently I scream, you scream, we all scream for quinoa. This was a very popular recipe ingredient. If you are ever in a pinch for quinoa recipes, write me. I’m just sayin’.
Sweet potatoes are hot potatoes. And delicious ones.
Lastly, black beans are the new black.

Stay tuned! We’ll kick it off with the WINNER–next time.

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2 Responses to drumroll please

  1. Tracy L. Ward says:

    If love ANY quinoa recipes you have 🙂 use it all the time. And the delicious lasagne recipe from Sunday!!

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