wee mouse takes a bath

IMG_2194I know I’ve written before of the fun that can be had with an Altoids tin, but we have made a change to it so I wanted to post it again. This is a fun project to make for any super-special little girls under five in your life, this one I made for my niece’s birthday.

IMG_2192It is nice, too, that the whole thing won’t cost you more than a $2 package of Altoids (try Marks & Spencer’s “Curiously Strong Mints” or Trader Joe’s Gingermints for a change) and some fabric scraps. Not that I wouldn’t want to spend more than that on my niece, it’s just that I wanted her gift to be personal. What you save in pennies you’ll spend in time, as this one is hand-sewn.

So how did we change it? My little girls were taking out wee mouse’s bedding and using the tin to give her a bath. So I added a little terrycloth towel and washcloth for wee mouse. Here she is, en déshabillé:

All clean and ready for bed. Goodnight, wee mouse!


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