of snowman hot chocolate

IMG_1562Oh when the weather outside is frightful, for little ones this project is delightful (Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow). My daughter did it at a church event recently, so I’ll let her explain how it’s done–see the 85-second video at the end of this post.

IMG_1522Basically, you wait for a day like this, get the neighbor kids over, and get going. You need three baby food jars, with the lids of two of them hot-glued to the bottoms of two of the jars in advance. You also need mini marshmallows, hot chocolate mix in an accessible container with a scoop for measuring it out, and wrapped peppermint candies.

IMG_1561To trim the snowman, you need dots of black sticky foam and an orange triangular “carrot” of foam for the nose. A red felt scarf and hat can be cut out in advance or prepared by the children if they are old enough. See the hat below–it is a rectangular piece of red felt, fringed at the top, with the bottom edge cuffed once and stapled shut, and green yarn tying off the top. The children can stuff a few cotton balls into the hat.
IMG_1559At the event, the lids of the bottom two jars were already glued to the jar above, the food contents were ready for the children to measure out, and the hats and scarves were made. I’ll let Norah explain how it went (please ignore the rooster crowing and other background noises, there’s a baby in this household!):

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One Response to of snowman hot chocolate

  1. Keli says:

    Love Norah’s commentary on the snowman…she’s so grown up! 🙂

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