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IMG_1855Two years ago my husband and I worked on a special project. I had really wanted to find some Advent readings that would introduce the nativity scene piece-by-piece, focus firmly on the best of all news–the coming of the Lord Jesus, and be simple enough for our daughter(s) to understand. When I couldn’t find any, we wrote our own. It took a surprising amount of work and study to produce such short and basic readings, but we found the process helped to focus our hearts and minds on the birth of the Savior in a wonderful way. To enrich what we were reading with our little ones, Alex planned a series of scripture readings along the same themes for us to read and discuss after they went to sleep.

We put the readings on the blog because it seemed they might be useful to other families with children five and under. If you have little children or are looking for very short daily Advent materials, please feel free to join us–we’ll be using them once more this year. Though we have been using the Playmobil(e) nativity with the addition of the camel/three wise men set, they can be detached from this or be used with any nativity set or with drawings or pictures to help make them concrete for little ones. If you want to check them out, the contents page for the series can be found here or along the menu at the top. To my knowledge they have been translated into Czech and German, please let me know if you need contacts for the readings in these languages. To make the series easier to use, I have (finally!) created a PDF file of just the text of the readings that is printable. Thank you for the patience of all who have suggested this!
Advent Readings For the Very Young (PDF/complete printable text)

We’ll be starting this Sunday, December 1 and continuing through Christmas. However you choose to celebrate Advent this year, may it be a blessed time rich with the One who is Christmas’s true meaning!

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3 Responses to join us for Advent

  1. ashley says:

    thanks, betsy and alex! we tried our first advent reading last night and about 8 sentences in finn was done. yours looks much more fitting to our stage of life, and it will be so wonderful hearing your voice in the writing. happy christmas-getting-prepared-time to you!!

  2. We’re with you. I don’t even remember how I found your blog, but I did find it on November 30 and printed out the first day then. We’ve been following along and enjoying it very much so far. I’d love to do a written Russian translation, too, but that’s not going to happen right now. Maybe later?

    • betsy says:

      I’m so glad you are enjoying the readings. I love Advent, there’s something about just coming together and focusing all of our thoughts on celebrating God’s “greatest gift of all.” If you don’t mind, please do let me know if you translate into Russian, would be nice to be able to point people to you for that. (Thank you!) And Merry Christmas!

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