of floating around and landing at last

IMG_9325There have been many times, in the last ten weeks of upheaval, when I’ve thought, “I’d like to write about that.” The funny things the kids have done, or at least the faithful things that God has done. But I haven’t, and now, deciding at last to blog a while longer, I find myself at a loss how to pick up the threads. I have at least five books I decided to review waiting around full of post-it notes, I planned and cancelled a series of vegetarian recipes, and I wrote a new series of toddler devotionals based on the shorter catechism. I guess that’s the problem with writing such a mix–there’s too much material.  Can we ease back in with a Q & A? Some of you have been writing simply asking, “Where are you?” That seems like a good place to start.

Where are we?
We are in Delaware, where we live now.

Where have we been?At the end of August we were in Oxford. As Harriet says (loudly), “Ya ‘wemember THAT?” We had a flat, Alex worked on a Ph.D., we rode red buses. One day some big burly dudes came and put our bath towels and dishes and legos into boxes and we stayed a final English night with a dear friend down the road. Then we flew to Connecticut, for two weeks of visiting our family. Then we flew to Minnesota and drove up north to the lake for three more weeks of visiting our family. Then we spent time visiting friends in Minneapolis, and one afternoon we finally flew to Baltimore and were driven to our new town in Delaware. We are living with our pastor and family, they have taken all five of us in and are treating us like family. This is all the more astonishing when I tell you that we are beginning our third week here, waiting for the house we will live in to be ready for us. The children have slept in seven different places in eight weeks, have all grown at least two sizes past the clothes I packed for them, and have lost most of their English vocabulary.

It is challenging because we have no home at the minute, have not been able to have consistent family life or routines or schooling or anything for months of upheaval. It is hard because I see the children are slowly forgetting Oxford and the roots that grew in our three happy years there are still firmly attached in my heart.

It is wonderful because we have been reunited with so many dear ones, and we have seen the faithfulness and provision of God in new and wonderful ways. It is wonderful because the children have had many amazing new experiences. It is wonderful because autumn in America is gloriously beautiful, because we are together wherever we go, and because our new church family has welcomed us in and already shown us such care.

What are we doing?After nine and half years of marriage, three children (but zero pets, not counting Flowering Bush), one Goat, three post-grad degrees, and six moves, we are finally:

Getting ready to go!

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6 Responses to of floating around and landing at last

  1. Susan says:

    Thanks for this … have wondered how you have been doing since leaving the UK. Bless you as you await your own place. I’m curious to read more about the next “going”

  2. Mert Tabbut says:

    Glad you are back to blogging if only a little.

  3. Kayoung Choi says:

    Betsy it’s wonderful to hear your news! What beautiful photos and warm, witty writing:) Oxford misses the Kirks dearly xxx

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