of wee mouses in Altoid houses


We have yet to pack the suitcases and organize the things for the shipment, thoroughly scrub this flat, and unpack all of its earthly goods from boxes in its garage and replace them. (In the case of this flat, “furnished” meant what it said. It was furnished–nay, cluttered–when we arrived!) But, I am pleased to say, some key preparation is already concluded.

I mentioned that one of the main things I needed to do in advance for our family’s migration to America involved eating Altoids. With due diligence I have popped exactly 100 g of the world’s strongest mints in the last few months and the task is now completed. That’s done.

IMG_9279Why Altoids? (And the M & S imitations?) For the tins of course! I needed to make some “wee mouses in tin houses” for my little girls. I thought they needed some special things for the airplane, but they needed to be both free and tiny. I came across this idea on Pinterest ages ago . . . and by June I was getting very fresh and minty.

IMG_9286I just copied the picture I’d seen, using up some felt and fabric scraps and one old gray sock without a partner. Then  I cut out shapes drawn in pencil and sewed them up by hand. Each mouse has embroidered features and an embroidery-floss tail. I also added removable nightgowns for my little dolly-lovers. I still want to make little day-clothes for them, but probably shouldn’t now as I ought to be packing suitcases!

IMG_9283Hopefully the girls will not be disappointed to open the tins and not find mints! I didn’t eat 100 grams of Altoids by myself.


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7 Responses to of wee mouses in Altoid houses

  1. A B M says:

    Quick note; sorry for the brevity.

    If you have an hour of free time while you are in the Boston area, please let me take you out for a cuppa… or, boldly, invite myself over to play with your children and have a cuppa with all of you and Alex. I’d love to make it down to Deleware, but won’t be able to for 10 + months due to my M.Ed. program in elementary school education. I’d be very eager to drive anywhere in the New England area to catch a bit of your time.

    Thinking of you during this busy time!

  2. Caitlin says:

    You brilliant woman, you.

  3. ABM says:

    Sorry to write it all here! I realized it was a post reply instead of an email about 1.3 seconds after I clicked send. I’m inspired by your wee mouses in Altoid houses!

  4. Liz says:

    ADORABLE!!! Such a clever mum!! Praying as you get ready for a “new normal” – Love you bunches!

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