redemption’s story in songs

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I have somebody I need you to meet and she has music you need to hear. I met Caroline Cobb Smith about five years ago while our husbands were both studying at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. She’s back in Texas now, busy being a wife and a mother of two.  She’s also a singer/songwriter with a passion for singing about redemption.

Caroline’s music exalts the person and work of Jesus Christ for anyone who will listen. One word that comes to mind when I think of her is honest. There’s an unwavering sincerity to her and her music that cuts through people’s judgements and defenses and confronts us with the eternal importance of her message. Her voice and her melodies are uniquely beautiful–part of their beauty is that they are self-forgetful. We listen and we are drawn into worship.

Why am I writing about this? This isn’t really just about Caroline. I think her latest endeavor is really worthwhile and will be a great encouragement to others, as it has been to me. I wanted to help get the word out: next Monday, June 3, Caroline is releasing her latest project. Entitled the Blood + the Breath: Songs that Tell the Story of Redemption, it is the fruit of a year of songwriting, in which Caroline wrote a song for every book of the Bible. This album is lyrical, emotional, personal, biblical, and worshipful. Here’s a snippet:

There’s a free preview on NoiseTrade, you can pre-order the album on iTunes, and you can check out Caroline’s website.

I’ll be posting an interview with Caroline tomorrow about the new album and about being a musical mommy. Don’t miss it!

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