I said you can never have too many pictures of Big Ben


How is it taking me this long to post about London? The whole adventure was begun and finished in about thirty hours! But that’s the charm of getaways, isn’t it? You seem to fit more living into an ordinary hour than usual. And each special experience like this sort of stays with you and the many times you relive it in memory increase its significance. (Maybe I just need to get out more!)


Thanks to Alex’s mom and dad we stayed at London’s gorgeous County Hall Marriott on the Thames. We were granted a river view and watched the sunset behind Big Ben from our window.

After three years of stiff uncomfortable full-size beds, a big soft king-size felt like a cloud. Hugh thought it was all for him. He really, really liked it. (Then the hotel staff brought him a baby cot.)IMG_7358


Right outside our window was the Thames and also the London Eye, the world’s largest ferris wheel, with famous views over London. We planned to take a ride on it right after breakfast.IMG_7372

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One Response to I said you can never have too many pictures of Big Ben

  1. Caitlin says:

    Oh Hugh! That face!

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