St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Millennium Bridge

IMG_7251We walked to St. Paul’s through the city, arriving just in time for Evensong. At this point we’ve seen several of the structures designed by Christopher Wren, including Oxford’s own Sheldonian Theatre. This was my favorite. Its lavish interior was a space built for exaltation. We were inside as worshippers, not tourists, so I kept the camera off. We joined a large crowd of people seemingly from all over the world for a traditional choral service lasting about forty minutes. Hugh was the only baby in evidence, but he was very, very quiet. I think he liked the music. As we were leaving the service leader, greeting people at the end of the aisle, leaned over and said to Hugh, “You were very good.” I must remember to make a note of it in his baby book: “Went to St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, where I received a compliment on my behavior.”


The service was beautiful, incorporating choral music, call and response, Scripture readings, and public prayer. To sit still and quietly in that vaulted space, listening to God’s word being read and sung aloud, was greatly encouraging to both of us.


After we descended the steps of St. Paul’s, we turned towards the Thames to walk across the Millennium footbridge and on along the river to our hotel in London’s old County Hall. It was sunny and breezy, early evening, and the views were spectacular.


IMG_7290IMG_7284I saw London Bridge at last, and the Globe Theatre.

IMG_7294From the other side of the Thames, we looked back over the bridge at St. Paul’s.


IMG_7300Up next: An Eye on London and then: Harrod’s 

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