Happy Half, Hugh!


Hugh is already one-half today! I’ll be making half of a cake (that everyone else will eat in his honor) and we’ll celebrate him today just for fun. In these last few months as we’ve watched him grow there have many exciting developments.


He eats food.

IMG_7022He plays with toys.

IMG_7363He spends a lot of time with his toes.

IMG_6462He’s really hit it off with that baby in the mirror. He likes to make him laugh.

IMG_7558He likes to make Daddy laugh, too.

IMG_7287He goes on adventures in his chariot. On his most recent adventure, he went to the United States Embassy in London and gained a U. S. Passport–so he’s all ready to cross oceans!

IMG_7045Happy Half, Hugh! We love our jolly, chuckly little guy!


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3 Responses to Happy Half, Hugh!

  1. Julia says:

    No way! Six months already?! He is ADORABLE. Seriously squishy.

  2. So Cute, Betsy. You make absolutely darling children 🙂 Love the 1/2 a cake idea.

  3. Cara says:

    Oh my. He is too much. How do you not just kiss him all day, neglecting everything else? Finn is also enamored with that other baby in the mirror. In fact, just this morning he went in for a kiss and cried a little when smacked up against cold glass instead of warm flesh. I love that last picture of Hugh. He looks like just a head, wrapped in a blanket, and he is thinking, “Oh no! Where is my body?” And the caption made me laugh – Happy Half-Hugh.

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