the other place

This past weekend we finally went to Cambridge, where some dear friends are visiting for a few months, giving us an excuse to make the trip. We packed all three children in the back of a tiny car we borrowed for the occasion. Being completely unaccustomed to car rides, the girls began asking if we had arrived yet before we left Oxford. We answered that question about thirty times per hour, read a few stories, and played Find-the-Object to fill the two-hour journey. (I try not to brag about him, but I can’t help it: My husband can not only drive an English car down the Other Side of the Road with three noisy children in the backseat, he can do so while sheltering Polly Pocket in his hair.)


We’ve been friends with these wonderful people for more than ten years–long enough to remember hanging out when it was just the four of us. Our offspring now outnumber us: we had five children in tow as we trekked around Cambridge, ages 4, 3, 2, 1, and 0. It was hair-raising and lovely.


Cambridge was unbelievable. I took the camera–Alex took the kids. (This arrangement recommended.)


Oh the chapels,


the colleges,


the sweet friends.


I’ll be posting a few more times on Cambridge because I can’t wait to relive it myself. Until then, here’s a few images of the ones who enjoyed it all most. (We walked Cambridge–they ran it!)





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3 Responses to the other place

  1. Colleen kniffin says:

    When are Norah and JJ getting married? I need to save the date. 😉 adorable photos.

  2. teamtabb says:

    Thanks, Betsy! I love the photos of the kids. The look on Alex’s face while pushing the buggy was also worth recording! 🙂

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