of goat’s happy day

IMG_5953On February 25, Norah suddenly told me it was Goat’s second birthday. We did celebrate Goat’s first birthday (which was really his third) around this time last year, I remembered. “I think it was March or April, Norah,” I said. She said it was probably sooner. So yes, I checked my own blog. Goat’s original birthday party was February 26. How did she know?

There was only one thing to be done. We made origami party hats and whispered to Harriet’s Duck and Bear and Hughbeedoo’s Monkey that a surprise party would be happening in exactly 24 hours. Fortunately, Pez make a great Goat birthday gift and we had some chocolate cake leftover from an event the day before. It was going to be tight, but I knew we could pull it off.


The next day, while Norah distracted Goat and garbed her (this year Norah has decided she is a she and not a he, sorry for the confusion) in party wear, Harriet and I set up the party table. Yes, I served my children chocolate cake and strawberries over white carpeting at 2:00 on a Tuesday afternoon, if anyone wants to know. Goat’s birthday only comes once a year and, as with every Goat-moment, one never knows when it will be the last.



Goat was very surprised and delighted, and Norah helped blow out her candles. Norah sang “Happy Birthday” to Goat in both English and Winton. Harriet refused to eat her cake unless she could sit by the Monkey and Goat loved the Pez and insisted on sharing them with everyone immediately.



Keep tickling.

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8 Responses to of goat’s happy day

  1. ethicks says:

    Harriet’s face in both pictures!!! I DIE!!!

  2. Cara says:

    I wish I could be your kid…

  3. caitlinbrian says:

    Is it too early for Lucy to have a doll house? I want to plan toy birthday parties, too! Happy birthday to Goat!

  4. ging says:

    This made me giggle out loud the whole time I read it. You are such a great, mama, bets! The girls get more and more precious with every picture. When did you cut the paci off of goat….i fear that time is approaching in this household.

    • betsy says:

      Both girls gave up their pacifiers around 20 months. It was involuntary on their part–both times another baby was coming so we just took them away. They both made the adjustment in about a day, went MUCH better than I expected.

  5. Liz says:

    Ah, that I could be as “fun” a mom as you!!! You make me smile dear Betsy!!

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