over the rainbow

Well, it’s a long story, involving the birth of our third child, Christmas, and a fair amount of productive procrastination, but Norah was four in December and we celebrated today. We invited a few little girls to a Rainbow Lunch.

There is a big paper globe on the bulb in the middle of our living room which, papered  with yellow tissue, made a perfect sun. Add £3 worth of balloons shaped into rainbows and we had a party space.



When our friends arrived we began by making rainbow necklaces with wooden beads.




IMG_5788In this country, a birthday party isn’t one without “Pass the Parcel” so we played that next. Norah and Harriet have been practicing for this favorite game for weeks, sitting together and handing fabric-wrapped toys back and forth. (Mommy should have practiced more–my startings and stoppings of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” were rather inexpert.)


We kept it simple: this Rainbow Lunch included just rainbow veggies, rainbow fruits, and (of course) rainbow cupcakes.




IMG_5738A few days ago, Norah, telling Harriet about the coming party, was suddenly struck with the fact that Harriet’s party was a while ago. “Don’t worry, Harriet! You can help open my presents and blow out my candles. We’ll do it toglether!” Mommy, struck speechless with delight at this promising development, nonetheless expected it would be forgotten before the big day.  It was not. Norah reminded Harriet of the promise only this morning and they cheerfully blew out the candles on her cupcake “toglether.”


IMG_5820It was a really sweet time celebrating our colorful girl!


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4 Responses to over the rainbow

  1. Courtney says:

    Betsy you are so creative. I love the cupcakes and the sun and colorful balloons. But I think my favorite part is the wooden beads. So sweet. Your girls are darling!

  2. Susan S says:

    Happy Belated Birthday to Norah!

  3. teamtabb says:

    Of course, creative and fun as always! Happy much-belated birthday, dear Norah!

  4. Pam Lowther says:

    I LOVE this simple yet beautiful and fun idea. Abigail now wants a “rainbow lunch” everyday! I think a rainbow party may be in order for her next year. 🙂

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