just another day at the office

I’ve heard it said that stay-at-home-mommyhood is drudgery. There is no shortage of whining floating around–about how we reheat and re-reheat our coffee, pick play-doh from our hair and spend our spare moments scrubbing the loo and dreaming about enough time to finish the laundry. I’ve whined a bit myself. But it’s mostly camouflage: we need to complain aloud so no one will suspect that we are old-fashioned enough to love what we do. And having lately fallen in love–all over again–with my job, I thought I’d share a few favorites among the tasks that I Get To Do:


Task: Fold Hugh’s jeans. Hugh has a pair of dark jeans. They are un-crawled-in and perfect. I fold them in a little micro-square of denim. (Taking care of business.)


IMG_5525Task: Set up the dollhouse for me the girls to play with. (Priorities.)

IMG_5527Task: Pre-school my children. Today this included tasting lemons, making sculptures, and   leading a harmonica parade. (Just another day at the office.)


Task: Photograph the baby’s smile. (The daily grind.)

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4 Responses to just another day at the office

  1. That is what I need to do – fall in love with the job again. You’re completely right, it really is the best work. Thanks, Betsy.
    p.s. We made Mary-Anne Steam shovels today with construction paper today. Thank you so much for the wonderful (and practical) inspiration.

  2. Micki says:

    We do have wonderful jobs, don’t we Betsy? I’ve been doing it for 22 years and still love it!

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