preschool reading: Stone Soup

Marcia Brown. Stone Soup (1947).


Books like this one are not only fascinating stories but possess a capacity for allusion and connection that put them on a yet higher plane of usefulness. I want my children to be familiar with a great many of these teaching tales as they learn to think and evaluate for themselves. This classic book, really in the nature of a fable, was one of my favorites as a child. I was delighted to find that it still is. 

Reading Strategy: None really, but introduction to the idea that a plot involves a  change that occurs

Coordinating Weekly Activities:

  • marching like soldiers
  • collecting stones
  • finding someone in need to share with or host

Day One:
Read Stone Soup and discuss
(Why did the peasants tell the soldiers they hadn’t any food? How did the soldiers get them to change their minds?)

Day Two:
Color the ingredients of stone soup and cut them out, glue onto a black construction paper “pot”


Day Three:
Reread Stone Soup

Day Four:
List the ingredients of stone soup
Shop together and put them in the basket
Collect and scrub three stones

Day Five:
Make “stone soup” together for lunch or dinner for the family
Reread Stone Soup with everyone


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2 Responses to preschool reading: Stone Soup

  1. sharon mac says:

    LOVE THIS!!!

  2. alisonrigney says:

    Such a great idea! I like how you made a week out of one book.

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