all goats don’t go to heaven but there are spots available


“Mommy, why did all the dragons die?” 

“What dragons?” Where has she been seeing dragons?

“The ones at the museum. The bones.”

“Do you mean the dinosaurs?” Just eat your lunch.

“Yeah. Why did they all die when there were no people? Did no people have them?”

“I don’t think they lived with people. Maybe they died a long time before God made the people. I’m not sure why they died–maybe they ran out of food or something.” I hope she’s not going to start getting scared of dinosaurs now. Why DID they die? The Flood or something–no that was after people. I am not qualified to speak on this topic.

“When they died did they go to heaven?”

“The dinosaurs? Well, I don’t think that animals that die go to heaven, Norah.”

“Why not?”

Oh dear. “Well, they don’t have an eternal soul, like people do. They just live and then they die.”

“OH NO!”

“What is it?” Loud piercing wails? Now what?

“I want my Goat to go heaven, Mommy! I won’t be able to sleep in heaven! Can you tell God that he’s my special Goat that I sleep with every night?” At which point I stop drying dishes and sit down at the table.

“I know Goat is very special, Norah. And you have her now to enjoy. But she is a toy–and none of the things that we have on the earth can come with us to heaven. But you won’t be sad. Jesus promised us that heaven will be a much better place and we know we will have everything we need there because we’ll be with Jesus. We can’t take anything from the earth with us, only people.”

“What people?”

“Every person who trusts in Jesus to forgive their sins and follows him will go to heaven, Norah.”

“Does anybody not do that, I wonder?”

“Oh yes, I’m sorry to tell you that lots of people don’t. There are many people who have never heard the good news about Jesus and there are also people who have heard about Jesus but don’t believe in him. ”

“I think we should pray that everyone in the whole world knows Jesus right now!”

{We do}

“Hey Mommy?”

“Yes, Norah?”

“I know who I can tell about Jesus RIGHT AWAY! Do you know who? Can you guess?”


“Baby Hugh!! He doesn’t know yet!!”

Note: I have since been informed that many people think dinosaurs DID live with people. Don’t tell Norah. 

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6 Responses to all goats don’t go to heaven but there are spots available

  1. Shelly says:

    What a wonderful conversation! You are certainly leaving a beautiful spiritual legacy for your children. There is no better gift to leave our children with than the love of Jesus. Blessings to you and your family. Thanks for sharing your touching conversation with your daughter.

  2. emma says:

    Beautiful but also a bit poignant when one has to explain the harsh realities of the gospel (true justice) when before it was all beauty and light to a child. Yet it is all beautiful in God’s divine plan. I love reading your blog because of your faith that you so willing share, it makes the world smaller, as one finds the faithful everywhere!

  3. Janet Conlin says:

    My answer to my children about our dogs was that Heaven is perfect and God knows we love our dogs and other animals. As it is perfect, we will not miss them or have empty places in our hearts as God will totally fill our hearts. There will be no sadness for what is not from earth.

  4. caitlinbrian says:

    Will: “if Betsy and Alex wrote a parenting book, I’d buy it. . . Especially if it had Norah quotes in it.”

    I concur. 🙂

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