preschool reading: The Snowy Day

Ezra Jack Keats. The Snowy Day (1962).

IMG_5055One of the things I most appreciate about Ezra Jack Keats is that his stories feature non-white children and urban settings. The standard little-golden-book illustrations portraying little blond girls in pink baby doll dresses and boys in blue overalls that live in a large white house in the country are far more typical of his era. His illustrations are  beautiful in their simplicity and vibrant with color. I’m not alone in this opinion–he won the Caldecott in 1963 for this book. 

Reading Strategy: Observing illustrations, sequencing

Coordinating Weekly Activities:

  • play in the snow and do the activities Peter does in the story
  • walk like Peter does in the snow (if you have it!) OR
  • practice walking with toes turned in and toes turned out around the house (add balloons or musical instruments or wear coats for added zest
  • have “snow cones” with shaved ice
  • read other books and stories about snow from the library

Day One:
View snow pictures (we used family photos of us playing in the snow the last time we saw it in 2010)
Read and enjoy The Snowy Day

Day Two:
Reread The Snowy Day
Make a list of Peter’s activities in the snow and illustrate (“This is a really fun project, Mommy!”)


Day Three:
Reread The Snowy Day
Tell about a time/place we remember exploring out-of-doors

Day Four:
Paint the cover of The Snowy Day with bright paints (on a blackline tracing of the shapes)

IMG_5072Day Five:
Retell the story to others

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One Response to preschool reading: The Snowy Day

  1. Johanna says:

    I love this. We usually read this book on our first “snow day.” Today we woke up to another dusting of snow so we’re reading it this morning. I think I might have them paint the cover too. They love doing that!

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