snow drops

When I happened to notice around 4:00 a. m. that snow was softly falling over the garden, I knew I had a promise to keep. This time, I determined, there would be no fiasco, no trooping in with wet and weeping toddlers after two minutes. When the girls erupted from their girlcave at 7:00, we were ready with a plan. Daddy started his work from home during Hugh’s nap and the girls and I braved the elements.

The snow was sopping wet and our gloves and boots instantly soaked through–but we enjoyed it. Norah and I even managed to gather enough together for a diminutive snowman (while Harriet splashed wildly in the birdbath). Can you spot Waldo in this picture?

IMG_5380Here’s a close-up in case you can’t find him:

IMG_5365“We should’ve brought a carrot, Mommy!” cried Norah. At which point Harriet asked for houmous and Mommy found The Perfect Nose Stick.

IMG_5367Then we spotted some little white bell-shaped flowers, already blooming in the borders. “What are these flo-lows, Mommy?” I didn’t really know, but as the soppy flakes plopped around us I was inspired and so made a guess. “I think they might be snowdrops.”

IMG_5374The girls each picked one to show Daddy and we headed for home. When we entered the building, a maintenance man spotted the flowers. “Aye, the snowdrops are just the thing to be pickin’ today!” he chuckled.

I just had a feeling.

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6 Responses to snow drops

  1. caitlinbrian says:

    So glad the girlies got their snow fix! Lucy went on her first snow walk this morning and, judging by her current comatose state in the buggy, I think the snow was a success.

  2. ging says:

    Love you and love this! Way to soak up each day! You’re a great mom, Bets!

  3. kristin says:

    The kids were thrilled with the snow this morning. Their delight was short lived as there wasn’t a ton that we could do with it (due to the small amount), but at least it gave them a morning outing. Now that they are napping, I am actually enjoying the snow outside, myself…right here from my perch by the window.

  4. kristin says:

    PS — Still just now hitting me that we are actually in the same country!! As in, seeing the same snowfall! Won’t feel real until we see you all in person.

  5. Julia says:

    You made it! The snowman is precious. And so are all three of the Kirk girls!!
    P.S. Love the request for houmous. 🙂

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