of reminderwear


Why is it that children’s clothes with cute phrases just never get old? They’re adorable every time–at least on one’s own children (and if they don’t say “Daddy’s Little Princess”). My offspring have a formidable collection of cutesywear, even Hugh-Who-Is-New, as you can see. It’s enjoyable–but it may be more helpful to us busy mothers if the children’s clothes were more in the nature of reminderwear. Like this:


and this (a welcome and frequently needed reminder):


Then there could be a whole line of before-we-leave-the-house wear, as seen below:


Cheer me up and leave some suggestions for reminderwear in the comments, would you? This could be the beginning of a beautiful business.

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7 Responses to of reminderwear

  1. therigneys says:

    When Sam was about 6 months old and quite the roly-poly, I always said I was going to make him a onesie that read, “Lift with your legs, not your back!

  2. therigneys says:

    Oh, and I love your babies so much. I could just gobble them all up. (I love their Mommy, too)

  3. teamtabb says:

    JJ’s reminderwear would read: “Ask me if I have to potty…before we go out.”
    Julia’s would read: “What’s in my mouth, Mommy?”

    And I love that Norah said she’s a really useful engine! Ha!

  4. Patsy says:

    My oldest grandson had a shirt that said “Chick Magnet”

  5. Kendra says:

    This is genius…I’ll be thinking about some ideas…I would buy these! For myself and for friends’ baby gifts! You should start an etsy shop!

  6. Ashlea says:

    Been thinking of sayings for shirts…. 🙂 Meg’s (age 3 and all the years before that really) would need to say, “Remember, if it’s silent, you should probably check on me.” Asa’s (right now at 1) would say, “Just when you think it’s safe to leave me alone for a minute, it probably isn’t.” (This happened this morning when he fell down our stairs… fortunately just 6 of them… I felt like an awful mother though I was out of his presence about 30 seconds maybe?) Eva’s might say, “I may be 5, but I’m still little.” If I wore one it might say, “Remember, I’ve been taking care of 3 little ones all day.” (And homeschooling and currently pregnant…. you get the idea… 😉 ).

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