wrapping up


I meant to write about our Christmas yesterday. I’m not sure why, except that after a while the habit of blogging sort of sinks in. Also my mother would like it. Also our Christmas would make, if nothing else, Quite a Story.

But today I’m feeling more like looking ahead. A new year approacheth. So I’ll just share the classic Favorite Moment and Unfavorite Moment. My Favorite Moment this Christmas was having Hugh with us–and all five of us reading the Christmas Story and snuggling and laughing under the tree on Christmas Eve. It was difficult to choose just one Unfavorite Moment, but I finally landed on the moment when, returning from a Christmas Day gathering in the cold and windy nighttime, I turned the key to enter our building and it snapped off deep in the lock. (And there we were, blocked out in the shivery night with a hungry newborn son and no place to go . . . it was Christmas-like, in an authentic sort of way.)

I’m readying myself for January 1 and that special sense of starting-freshly that it brings. The tree is gone, the Christmas box repacked, and I’ve deep-cleaned and reorganized the flat. This blog needs a little tune-up also: I’ve planned a special guest series coming in a few weeks that I can’t wait to read and ideas are spinning for 2013.

With warmest thanks for reading,



With gratitude to friends up the road for sharing their stable living room while we waited for an emergency locksmith.

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