who is schooling whom?


Not long ago I began homeschooling my oldest daughter and now she has begun homeschooling me. She’s been designing worksheets for me lately. On the sample above I was to locate an object in the top row that “starts with the ‘A’ sound.’ Before I could do so she helpfully pointed out that it wasn’t at the end of the row, as that is a ‘3’ (written backwards). When I found the apple she exclaimed triumphantly, “With a little gray wormhole on it!”

In the lower row she told me I had to find a “bubblebee.”
“A bumble bee? Is this it?” I asked.
“No, I said a bubble B. It’s a bubble with a ‘B’ in it.” (The solution was the last box). (Also note “Norah” packed into the first box of the bottom row.  I was pretty sure that wasn’t the bubble B.

All of this illustrates a curious fact I have noticed from the beginning: though she’s a really interested and enthusiastic student–I am learning the most.

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2 Responses to who is schooling whom?

  1. Oh how sweat. I love when children get creative.

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