of Mary, a shepherdess, and a little Hugh lamb


A shepherdess and her sheep, Mary and the baby Jesus

One of my favorite services at our church every year is the afternoon Carol Service during Advent. The little children dress up as figures from the Nativity story and the church is crawling with diminutive angels and sheep and wisemen. After the service box suppers are served to the children and hot tea and mince pies to the adults. I love this tradition.


Last year, both of my children were angels (and Goat as well). This year Norah wanted to be Mary and Harriet (we think?) was saying “shepherd.” We found a blue fabric scrap at a curtain shop for £3 for the Mary dress and I had enough fabric scraps for the rest. I don’t really sew, but I made do and made Norah’s costume just before Hugh was born . . . then Hugh was born. Poor Harriet had no costume until Friday afternoon! Then, while I was at it and the machine was out . . . I made Hugh ears and a tail to pin on his white fleece sleeper. Couldn’t help myself!


So Hugh attended service as a little lamb.


Our fussy little “Hugh lamb”

He wasn’t thrilled initially, but I’m happy to say he was a peacefully sleeping little lamb by the time the service was over.

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One Response to of Mary, a shepherdess, and a little Hugh lamb

  1. therigneys says:

    I love little girls in tights. And Hugh? What a sweet little lamb. I wish I could hold him at this sweet little age. (p.s. Can you tell I actually have a minute to sit down at my computer and comment on all the posts I’ve wanted to? My phone still won’t allow it 😦

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