With turkey (roasted as only my mother can) and all the traditional trimmings we gathered around the table Thursday with a few dear friends and celebrated God’s many  good gifts. I am so grateful today . . .

for Hugh (who was due today), already safely here and already dearly beloved by us all.

for our wonderful, spunky little Harriet.

for our bright and light little Norah.

for my husband Alex, faithful and true, my best friend and the best partner imaginable.

for my loving mother, who crossed an ocean to help us, and my dad, who encouraged her to come.

for all our dear family and friends far and near.

and for the Lord Jesus, who gives us hope and life and joy and gives all these other blessings their meaning.


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4 Responses to thanksgiving

  1. Susan says:

    Simply lovely. What a great family you have. And is that your new kitchen? where ever it is, it’s pretty sweet too.

    • betsy says:

      That’s the new kitchen. I love it so much that, for the first week, I was almost afraid to enjoy it because I will have to give it up in {less than} a year. And isn’t that silly!!

  2. Liz says:

    I couldn’t help but gasp when I noticed your new kitchen…slightly different from your first! WOW!! Beautiful ladies in a beautiful kitchen – that last picture.

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