we welcome Hugh

There are two things that should have told me that the baby was coming on Monday night. I had promised myself that I would finish making a baby book for each of the children before the next one was born. I finished Harriet’s baby book at 10:30 p.m. on Monday night. The second thing was that I had let the laundry pile up. Talk about tempting fate.

I woke up at 12:40 a.m. to find that my water had broken. I called the midwives and they said to wait and see what happened. But, having been warned that third babies tend to come quickly, we threw things together, called dear friends to come and be with the sleeping girls, and headed to the hospital.

My first contractions weren’t until half past one. We reached the hospital at 2 and Hugh entered the world sunny-side-up at 3:10. God was indeed so very merciful in this! I am so grateful to everyone who was praying for us.

At 5:30 a.m. we were cleared to head home, but opted to rest for an hour or two so as not to awaken the friends in our flat for the second time that night. In the end, we didn’t make it home until after 8 a.m., because we had to wait 40 minutes in the hospital entryway for a taxi. That was really the most waiting we had to do all night! I wanted to say, “Seriously? I just had a baby in an hour and you can’t drive a cab up the hill in forty minutes??” Don’t worry, I let Alex do the talking (always a good policy).

When we arrived Norah and Harriet were already in a state of high excitement, waking up to some of their favorite people being vastly preferable to Mommy and Daddy. They were both completely awed and thrilled with Hugh–Norah kept laughing and wiggling from sheer happiness and made twenty suggestions as to his care in the first minute of holding him and Harriet hugged and kissed him so tightly that I had to come to the rescue. He will be well-loved.

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14 Responses to we welcome Hugh

  1. Liz says:

    Wait a minute….he was born at 3:10am and you LEFT the hospital at 5:30am???? Oh my goodness. You are amazing!! Hugs to you all and much love!

  2. Congratulations, Betsy! How exciting! Hugh is gorgeous. Enjoy getting to know him. 🙂

  3. Ashlea says:

    Holy cow! 2.5 hours, Betsy!!! 🙂 My third didn’t follow the quick rules… he was my longest labor (17hours). And my first was sunny-side up and was by far the worst delivery experience topping even her 9lb 7oz brother’s birth. All I can think is “goodness,” “bless you,” and “you’re good at this.” 😉 I can’t believe you are already home… this partly sound appealing and partly exhausting. Your taxi story is hilarious. I would be totally like you, and Mark like Alex. Ha! Hugh is adorable. Your whole family is so lovable. Blessings to you all. And… let Alex do the laundry.

    • betsy says:

      Hi Ashlea. Yeah, we decided Alex doing the talking is a good policy. Especially post-childbirth. And, as for being “good at this”–don’t you think we have no control over that?? I definitely do not feel like it had anything to do with me. It just sort of happens and it is what it is–and i’m so glad it was short! I think YOU are amazing–i’d have been dead in 17 hours. Love and blessings back at you–wish we could get our little clans together–everyone would have a playmate. 🙂 Oh, and Alex is doing laundry. Alex is doing everything. Alex is AMAZING and our rock, at the minute.

  4. Haley says:

    Such a happy, wonderful story! Will you tell us more about how you chose his name? You know me – I’m always curious about names.

    • betsy says:

      Hi Haley! We chose his name because we like it and it just fits our family. And the middle name, as you no doubt noticed, is a family one that we want him to carry on as the first grandson from my family. My favorite version so far is Harriet’s–she’s calls him Baby Hee-Yew, making it two syllables. 🙂

  5. Gill says:

    Wonderful stories make for wonderful memories. Awesome, well done!

  6. mary says:

    Well done Betsy! Our third took a while to make his way down but when he was ready he fell right out, literally. I can’t imagine leaving the hospital so quickly, but there is something very special about being together as a family at home. It warms my heart that one year later our two girl still adore their brother like the day he was born. Thinking and praying for you in the next few weeks as the sleep is little and the hormones are great.

  7. Caitlin says:

    cannot WAIT to get my hands on that beautiful baby boy!!!

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