happy birthday, Harriet!

Yesterday was our Wee Chicken Lickin’s second birthday! The first thing I heard in the morning was Norah singing a “Happy Birthday” to her in their room. We are waiting one more week for her birthday party so her Nana (and maybe her new baby brother!) can be present. But we couldn’t let the day pass without a little family celebration.

For starters Daddy made oatmeal at her request and she opened her card from Daddy–a birthday tradition for each of the girls.

Then the long-awaited moment arrived and she opened a card and gift wrapped by Norah. I took Norah shopping for this gift about a month ago, thus the tension had lots of time to build. Norah colored the card this week, wrote Harriet’s name, and dictated a birthday message to her sister. (“Happy birthday dear Harriet Dyne. I love you so much. Love from Norah. Harriet, you are my best friend and you are so nice. We’re going to put you on our leaf on your birthday. Happy birthday dear, love Norah. {kiss}”) 

With lots of help and commentary from Norah, Harriet enjoyed opening her presents which included this recorder sent by dear friends. You can see how she feels about it.

Later in the day, Daddy took the girls to the park to play. This is one of Harriet’s favorite places. Mommy would have loved to go along but couldn’t do it this time. I did snag a photo before they left.

Then home again for birthday-skype with our families and some supper and banana cake with cream cheese frosting.

Harriet blew out her candles with plenty of zip . . . then grabbed a big handful of cake before we could react.

We’re so grateful for our precious Harriet!!

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5 Responses to happy birthday, Harriet!

  1. Caitlin says:

    Sweet little girl!! We were sorry we missed you all this morning at church, but are looking forward to celebrating with the “Chocolate Bean” next week!

  2. Erin says:

    Happy birthday sweet little Harriet! Someone(s) in Texas LOVE you!!
    (And I’ve decided, if I could come back in a second life, I would want to be a Kirk child, for sure.)

  3. Rachel says:

    what a beautiful family you have! happy birthday, harriet!

  4. Susan s. says:

    Happy Birthday Harriet!

  5. Mom N. says:

    Hey – Happy Birthday Harriet, so you are two and just too… cute. I love you and miss you so much. Wishing I could come along with Nana to visit you this week and get to meet your new little brother and my first grandson.
    Love you so very much, Boppa

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