a thankfulness garland

Wanting my little ones to learn about giving thanks this month and looking for a way to celebrate as a family, I decided we’ll have a garland of thankfulness. Each night at the children’s dinner we’ll decide on something that we are thankful to God for giving to us, not forgetting to pray and thank God for each blessing. We’ll write each idea on a paper leaf and hang them up. I’ve hung a bit of gardener’s twine across the living room window to hold the collection. On Thanksgiving, we’ll go over it together and review all of the many things we are thankful for!

We began last night thanking God for our dear friends (it seemed appropriate to all of us, as we were that moment enjoying a delicious lasagne made and delivered by some of them!). I’m looking forward to meditating together on the very great goodness of our God in the coming days!

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3 Responses to a thankfulness garland

  1. mom kirk says:

    Great idea, Betsy! It is like the advent calendar in December, but with a Thanksgiving slant! There are so many things that we can be thankful for and it good for the soul to do so! love, mom

  2. Elena says:

    An excellent idea! I do believe I’ll do something similar in our home, wonderful concept as there is always something to be thankful for. Thanks for sharing this idea, I’m sure it’ll be neat to see how the gardener’s twine will be filled as time goes!

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