and so norah has a turn

I suppose it looms large in the mind of every little child. Daddy leaves nearly every day after breakfast, is gone for what seems like at least a week, and returns nightly just before supper. When we talk about where Daddy is or was all day, she hears only that he was at “work.” This mysterious place and activity is only hazy in her mind. We’ve tried to explain: “Daddy is studying about the Bible” and “Daddy is writing a book, sort of” and “Daddy goes to the library and reads books.” Statements like the last are probably what really grabbed her interest. She likes books.

Until recently Alex has often worked in the Radcliffe Camera during the day, which happened to house many of the theological resources. It also happens to be one of Oxford’s most popular and iconic structures. Norah has been interested in it from the first. If anyone asks her what she will do when she grows up, she lists “working in the Wadcliffe Camewa with Daddy” directly after becoming the driver of a pink bus. She has painted it, she has walked around it on city walks, and she has asked her Daddy what’s inside it at least thirty times. Unfortunately, the Camera is not only closed to the nonacademic public, but most definitely closed to children.

Then Mommy got to see it. Norah talked about it to Daddy and Mommy over and over. (“I really, really wish I could go to the Wadcliffe Camewa, Honey.”) And finally Daddy said, “I think maybe she could just peek in . . .” He fixed a time with The Librarian, and we all headed in to work with Daddy on a Wednesday morning a few weeks ago. Norah was so excited.

Here they are, with The Librarian’s appearance altered to protect the innocent. Harriet and I waited outside in the square and ate apples. I think Norah was inside for about two minutes.

She came out utterly thrilled and full of descriptions for Harriet. She was also confirmed in her ambition: she will “do work” there with Daddy just as soon as she finishes growing up.

The day after her visit: “I really, really wish I could go to India, Honey.”

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One Response to and so norah has a turn

  1. Mom N. says:

    How precious to see Norah’s interest and excitement in what her Daddy does all day. Who knows? She could very well study there someday. Thanks for sharing this!

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