of the {miniature} redecorating project: before

Many people are rushing to complete household DIY projects before the end of the summer. They are installing or refinishing hardwood floors, refreshing the exterior paint on their homes, wallpapering and painting walls and trim. What would you say if I told you I’ve done all of this–just in the last ten days?

In miniature.

My little ladies need a bigger dollhouse. I’ve been thinking about finding one and pricing them (impossibly expensive) online for months. Then we moved into a new flat as some neighbors were moving back to New Zealand. They had found a broken old dollhouse in the dumpster: would we like it for our girls? I went out to their garage and viewed the ruins. It was dissembled, partially broken, and covered with dirt, stains, and webs. And oh, what beautiful bones. With a burst of courage I exorcised the spiders right there in their garage and snuck (and I wonder, for the hundredth time, is that a word?) the house into the flat while Alex created a distraction for the girls. I hid it in our wardrobe. The girls are in bed by seven. I was at work on it by 7:02.

The picture above is a sort-of “Before” picture–but after I’d scrubbed it with hot soapy water and glued and hammered it back together.

Then the fun really started. I love, I love making toys. Especially wooden ones, like these and these. (Yet more evidence that I’m not as grown-up as my years suggest, huh?)

Coming up: Extreme Home Makeover: Miniature Edition. 

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One Response to of the {miniature} redecorating project: before

  1. sharon mac says:

    AHHHH….just the before pics…this is hard!! My only consolation…is that I hope to see it in real life soon!

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