beanbag games for little ones

What will we do with the beanbags? Here’s a list of some of our ideas, invented, remembered, and stolen from all over:

Concept Games for the Really Little Ones

  • Use the beanbags to illustrate and practice vocabulary and concepts such as:
    “The beanbag is in the pail. Can you take it out of the pail?”
    -“top” & “bottom”
    -“on” & “under”
    -“in” & “out”
    -“this side” (of barrier or boundary) & “that side”
  • Practice learning the parts of the body
    “Can you touch the beanbag to your nose?”

Tossing Games (for motor skills, coordination, cooperation)
Individual Games (also with partner(s))

  • Drop it in a bucket (from standing, from the back of a chair)
  • Throw It in the Air & Catch It Again (great for counting practice, t0o)
  • How Far Can You Throw
  • Toss Through a Hoop (wire hung from a doorknob works great)
  • Toss Through Holes (Draw a face with a big hole for the mouth on cardboard)
  • Crossing the Midline (throw from right hand to a target on left side and vice versa)

Partner Games

  • Tossing Back & Forth (can do while counting, saying ABCs, etc.)
  • Long Toss (each partner takes a step back each time)
  • Wacky Toss (what are all the funny ways we can pass it to each other?)

Group Games

  • Hot Potato
  • Musical Beanbags (pass around to fast/slow songs or play like musical chairs)
  • Hand it Down the Line Relay (to a pail, then run to the front of the line, etc.)
Other Motor Games
  • Obstacle Line (make a long squiggly line with a piece of yarn or string and place the beanbags as “obstacles” alongside it–the child must walk the line)
  • Foot Pushing (push the bags across a space using only feet)
  • Take It to the Bucket THIS Way (great exercise option; they can run, hop/jump, skip, crawl, hold it in their knees, balance on their heads, etc.)


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