of a re-imagined bulletin board

This started out on the kitchen wall of our first home eight years ago as a $9 bulletin board from Target. With every move it’s changed a little. I painted the frame black once, I changed the covering several times. Most recently it was covered with a sheet of some gorgeous bird wrapping paper I found last summer in Blackwell’s. But when I was wrapping gifts for the trip to the States, I needed some gift tags . . .

When I ripped off the paper, big chunks of the cork surface came with it. The board then became an Eyesore pleading for the dumpster. But I am learning slowly not to throw anything away. It was just another object waiting for a makeover. But I had to do it with–wait for it–what was on hand.

I evened out the destroyed surface with two extra-big sheets of thick felt (purchased in town for £2). I glued these down and let them dry while I repainted the frame in a steely gray acrylic and glossy varnish (from my craft box). I own three fabric remnants large enough to cover the surface. I chose the most neutral: creamy linen left over from the curtain my mom and I sewed for a window in our first apartment. I cut it slightly oversized, ironed it, and used ordinary staples to secure it behind the board. Then I stapled the board into the frame.

And it’s a new board–ready for our new flat. (Did I mention we were moving?)

Now I’m needed at the kitchen table, where a Much More Exciting Craft is going on.

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