i’m just thankful today

That I planted white petunias in the “garden”.

For the sun streaming in the balcony door.

That the children, though both have colds and fevers, are getting some fresh air.

For the sewing machine, with which I have completed my first project. (New napkins, which turned out usable. Thank you to all for the lovely suggestions! Now to find some fabric!)

For a new-to-us Vacuum Cleaner Of My Own, which, after two years of going down three flights and across the parking lot for the weekly use of one, feels like an indescribable treasure. Imagine being able to just whip out the vacuum and clean the flat! I’ve already used it twice in twenty-four hours. Couldn’t help myself.

And lastly, perhaps most importantly, for the fact that Norah’s favorite animal is a pig.

This means she will not be asking us for a puppy.

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3 Responses to i’m just thankful today

  1. Haley says:

    How did you do the napkins? We need some new ones around here, but I can never decide which way to make them.

    • betsy says:

      I just ironed down a scant 1/4 inch then folded it again another 1/4 inch and ironed that. I sewed the two sides down, then rolled down the top and bottom and tucked the corners in at an angle. Everything worked great, except that the machine got stuck reversing to anchor the seams and chewed things up a bit. Unfortunately, many of my corners are nothing to brag about! I wish I had a good excuse for the slightly-crooked seams! Oh well. 🙂 You’ll nail this one, Haley, with your skills. And, BTW, don’t you just love cloth napkins? We have used them since we were married–now the paper ones feel picnicky to me.

  2. caitlinbrian says:

    You’re safe on the pet front…unless someone shows Norah the teacup pig videos on YouTube. Even I, an avowed dog person, briefly considered buying a pig after watching that cuteness!

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