Lately Said: According to Norah

{sigh} This was a tough post. I was determined to choose just 10 of my favorite quotations for this last collection of Norah-isms, but I compromised with just under 15. I hope they make you smile. 

April 2011
“Norah, let’s try on the potty, it’s time for lunch!”
“My name’s Felicity.”
“Oh, hi Felicity. Would you join us for lunch?”
“No, I’m Lydia.”
“Lydia, could you come try the potty before lunch?”
“Lydia can’t. Lydia’s not potty-twained.”

October 2011
Norah: I am not going to obey you. I will disobey. Oh, wait a minute–are you going to
discipline if I disobey?
Mommy: Yes.
Norah: Okay, I think I change my mind. I’m going to obey you, Mommy!

November 30, 2011
Stated firmly (out of the blue):
“I usually go piddle in my bath.”

December 1, 2011
“We are going to the Yibrary to get GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE LITTLE PIGS! I yove that story! I wead that story every day!”

December 4, 2011
Mommy to Daddy: “I’m taking Norah to the Sparklers Christmas party for children tomorrow.”
Norah: “Mommy, I’m sorry to say that I’m not a children. Today I am a child. Yes, I am a child actually but I am not children. Sometimes I am children but not today. No, not today. Today I am a child.”

December 12, 2011
Norah: Watch out, Mommy! I am a crocodile and I will eat you with my sharp teeth if you come near me!
Mommy: Then I won’t be able to un-buckle you from your seat, Norah, so I guess you’re stuck there.
Norah: I am a nice crocodile now! I never bite with my teeth.
Mommy: Sorry, I can’t come near, I’m too scared.
Norah: Okay, Mommy, now I am a crocodile with NO TEETH!

December 27, 2011
Mommy: How did this glue get all dug up? Did you dig your scissors into the glue stick, Norah?
Norah: It just happened.
Mommy: It didn’t just happen. Someone did it. What was that someone’s name, Norah?
Norah: I’ll just give you one hint. The someone has yellow hair!

December 29, 2011
Norah: Mommy, I just want you to know you shouldn’t pull out all the drawers of my dresser. It falls over if you do that. Be careful to not pull them or step on them, Honey, because it falls over.
Mommy: How do you know that, Norah?
Norah: Oh, I just . . . it’s because I just know that, Honey.

January 4, 2012
Stranger to Norah: “What’s your favorite color?”
Mommy: “Her favorite color is pink, isn’t it, Norah?”
Norah: “Oh, no, my favorite color is blue. I’m sorry, Mommy. It changed right before my birthday. Silly me! I must have regot to tell you!”

February 9, 2012
(Norah to Harriet):
You’re my little Chocolate Bean! I’m calling you Chocolate Bean, Hewwet! Oh. Chocolate Bean, you smell very stinky. You are Stinky Chocolate Bean.


February 15, 2012
Mommy from the kitchen: Girls, where are you?
Norah: Me and Hewwet are in the hall!
Mommy: What are you doing?
Norah: We’re having so much fun toglether!
Mommy: But what are you doing?
Norah: We’re pouring water on Hewwet’s head!


February 29, 2012
“What you are drawing, Norah?”
“I’m drawing the Ashmolean.”
“The building?”
“No, not now. Now I’m drawing the Scratch-Poley-Ann.”
“What’s the Scratch-Poley-Ann?”
“Oh, it’s lovely, Honey. It’s even better. It’s my best place in Oxford.”


February 29, 2012
Mommy: Eat up, Norah. Here, let me build you a bite.
Norah: You can be Bob the Builder!
Mommy: Norah, how do you know about “Bob the Builder”? You’ve never seen it!
Norah: I watched it at school.
Mommy: But you don’t go to school.
Norah: I know, Honey.


April 30, 2012
Norah: Mommy, I’m drawing you a picture of a baby.
Mommy: Great! I’m coming to see it.
Norah: Wait, it’s kind of looking like a sunshine. Yes, it’s a sunshine now. With legs.
Mommy: Sounds really interesting. I’ll be right there.
Norah: Oh, sorry, Mommy. It turned into a spider. Yes, it’s definitely a spider. Sorry.

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5 Responses to Lately Said: According to Norah

  1. Caitlin says:

    Norah: I watched it at school.
    Mommy: But you don’t go to school.
    Norah: I know, Honey.

    She kills me!!

  2. Lisa Ross says:

    Betsy, I have so thoroughly enjoyes these quotes from Norah. She is delightful and obviously very bright. Don’t worry about stifling her she doesn’t seem to have any issues with that just by these posts. You’re a wonderful mom. I hope you had a great mother’s day!

  3. Tina says:

    I laughed until I had tears in my eyes. What a precious, brilliant girl she is! I wish I would have written down clever things my children have said. My oldest son has said some fantastic things.

  4. Will Brian says:

    (Caitlin, on Will’s account again)

    You should know that tonight’s after-dinner-entertainment for us and my parents was reading through all of the Norah quotes. Mom was in tears she laughed so hard. Apparently I do a really good Norah voice. MISS THAT GIRL.

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