big sister

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23 Responses to big sister

  1. REALLY!!!!?! (Admitting, It took me a good 4 seconds before comprehension descended 🙂 I’m so happy for you Betsy! You’re such a lovely Momma already. Have yourself a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  2. Julie says:

    Congratulations, Betsy! That’s wonderful!!! 🙂

  3. Micki says:

    Congratulations!!! May God bless this new addition to the Kirk family!!! 🙂

  4. Pam Lowther says:

    Wow! Congratulations yet again, Alex & Betsy! #3!!! I have to say we won’t be sharing this one with you guys though. 🙂 Let us know when you’re due as soon as you know!

  5. Liz says:

    Oh my word!!! So exciting! So happy for you!!

  6. Haley says:

    Many congratulations! So happy for you all!

  7. Peggy says:

    Yay!! Another beautiful Kirk on the way!! Rejoicing with you and praying for you!!

  8. Deanna says:

    What? What?!! How exciting! Congrats friend!!

  9. Ashlea says:

    As soon as I saw the title, I thought, “I bet this is an announcement!” When will you be expecting the newest addition? CONGRATS!!! Btw, I love the quote about Norah giving you her dirty raisins.

  10. Catherine says:

    Betsy! Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you guys!

  11. Mert Tabbut says:

    Congratulations and blessings to your growing family!!!!!!!!!

  12. Emily says:

    We are so happy for you guys!!!!! If it’s another girl can you name her Rosie?

  13. Sara S. says:

    congratulations Betsy!!!!! That’s wonderful :o)

  14. how exciting, Betsy! Congratulations! 🙂

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