when life gives you lemons

This morning the task at hand was to charm a hungry, tearful, and exhausted three-year-old into walking another half mile. So we went on a Flower Hunt. The rule was: no picking anything from anyone’s garden (think: yard). I thought this might get us another few steps and was busily developing another idea. I never found it but it didn’t matter. The Flower Hunt was so successful that it lasted through the journey (a journey of stops and starts and detours in hunt of stray weeds and branches) and turned into a flower-admiring-and-arranging activity on the table at home.  Once we started looking, flowers were growing everywhere: on branches fallen from the storm, in cracks in stone walls and sidewalks, in the grass in front of our building.

We found enough for three eclectic but lovely bouquets and had the additional and educational joy of sorting the flower stems into categories of short, medium, and long.

A challenging time suddenly became a lovely one. Hoping your day is full of loveliness.

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One Response to when life gives you lemons

  1. Such a precious idea Betsy. I’ve been out of the loop – time to get caught up! : )

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