Holy Wednesday: Jesus Washes Feet (John 13)

Have you ever worn sandals? When Jesus was alive on earth, people wore shoes like sandals. And they would walk nearly everywhere that they went on dusty roads. Can you imagine how dirty their feet would be? When people came into the house, they would have to wash off their feet. This was such a yucky job that no one wanted to do it. Do you know what a servant is? It is someone who does work for other people. In Jesus’ day, if there was a servant, the servant would have to wash the people’s dirty feet for them, because they didn’t want to do it. The week that Jesus was going to die the people were celebrating the Passover, so Jesus and his disciples gathered at a house to have the feast together. Remember how Jesus had arrived in Jerusalem like a great king? Jesus was the guest of honor at the feast. But before they ate, Jesus did a surprising thing. He got up from his seat, went down on his knees, and began to wash the disciples’ yucky feet! The disciples did not understand why Jesus would do this. Peter said to Jesus, “You shouldn’t be the one to have to wash my feet!” But Jesus did this to show that he came to earth to serve others. He said that he wants all of his followers to serve each other, too. If even Jesus, our great Lord, will do the very yuckiest job, we can serve others, too.

Dear Jesus, Thank you that you came to serve, that you were a servant to all. Help us to be like you and to serve others, too. Amen. 

Activity: Wash one another’s feet and talk about how Jesus served the disciples.

For tomorrow’s activity we’ll need: bread and cups of grape juice

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