Friday: Jesus and the Disciples (John 11:1-16)

Where did Jesus come from? Jesus knew that God had sent him to save the people of the world. He knew that soon the people that did not want to believe in him would kill him on a cross (Mark 8:34). He wanted to make sure that God’s people understood who he was before this happened. Jesus had chosen a few special followers to learn about him so that they could tell others about God’s plan to save the world. We call these men the disciples. It was hard for the disciples to understand who Jesus was. They saw Jesus do some amazing things, like make the blind man’s eyes see. What else did they see Jesus do? But they still thought Jesus was just a man. Jesus was a man–who was born to Mary in the stable in Bethlehem. But Jesus was God, too. He was God’s only Son. Jesus wanted to help the disciples know that he was the Son of God. So when Jesus got a message that his friend Lazarus was very sick, he waited two days before he went to see him (John 11:6). Jesus waited until Lazarus had died! Now he was ready to show that he is more powerful than death.

Dear Jesus, help us to understand who you are. We want to be your disciples, too. Please help us to do this. Amen. 

(no Activity today)

For tomorrow’s activity we’ll need: a roll of toilet paper

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